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Fill out this form to request a unit, and click on the submit button. This should bring up your e-mail program, and you send it from there. A representative from Bridgeport Mini-Storage will contact you. You may also contact Bridgeport Mini-Storage at 989-777-2495 to speak to one of our representatives. All fees are monthly fees.


To inquire about a storage unit, check all that apply. For more information on the units,
visit the Unit Sizes page.

5 X 5 (25 Sq. Ft.)
5 X 10 (50 Sq. Ft.)
10 X 10 (100 Sq. Ft.)
10 X 15 (150 Sq. Ft.)
10 X 20 (200 Sq. Ft.)
10 X 30 (300 Sq. Ft.)

12 X 32 (384 Sq. Ft.)

If you have any additional information or special requests, please add them here: